10 Easy Tips For Getting Healthier Now (That Don’t Need to Wait Until January 1st)

We’ve all been at that place...we so badly want to start something, but not bad enough to start immediately. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start when I get back from that trip. I’ll start January 1st so it can be a New Year resolution. Actually, let’s go with January 2nd because I wanna have brunch on New Year’s Day. My dear friend Pegah knows a thing or two about setting healthy goals. 


Pegah is a NASM CPT, a lead Indoor Cycling Instructor for a boutique cycling studio and Women's Fitness Specialist. She is extremely passionate about nutrition. Having struggled with orthorexia for six years, she has a heart for women of all ages who have or has had an eating disorder. In 2015, she made peace with her body and decided it was time to make a change. Thanks to her faith and support of her loved ones, she overcame this, discovered self-love, body positivity and balance. It is now her goal to help women and be there for them throughout their specific journeys. 


  1. SET YOUR GOALS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. create a detailed game plan. list each one out, write down your why. set a SMART goal. [specific. measurable. attainable. realistic. time specific.]
  2. GET ACTIVE. we all know that exercise is beneficial to our health. simply taking 30 minutes a day to get outside, go on a walk, take a class, anything..your body will thank you. 
  3. NUTRITION CHECK. how has your eating been? if you're currently eating out for every meal, it may be time to cut back! meal prep will save you money and get your health in check.
  4. DRINK MORE WATER. feeling tired? feeling sluggish? you could be lacking h20 and de-hydrated! i always advise my clients to take their body weight and divide that number by two. that is how many ounces you should have.
  5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. that's right! GOOD SKIN CARE IS CRUCIAL! our skin is the largest barrier against infections! keeping our skin healthy helps keep this barrier strong. 
  6. SELF-CARE. R&R baby! whether that's getting a manicure, pedicure, taking a vacation, DO IT. your mental health is crucial to having good physical health. 
  7. BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD CHARACTER. are you surrounding yourself with positive influences? if not, why not? having friends that support you, motivate you and encourage you will benefit your mental and physical health.
  8. LEARN TO SAY NO. we are not superheroes. why stress out by trying to take on every task? learning to say no is not always easy, but it will lead to a much more peaceful life. 
  9. GET MORE SLEEP. coming from the queen of team no sleep, sleep is CRUCIAL. i know this. we all know this. aim to get 7-8 hours of shut eye a night. sleep is involved in your heart and blood health. 
  10. SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE. self- love baby. compliment yourself. take those selfies. write quotes on your mirror. gift yourself. whatever it is that makes you feel most loved, do that. 

For more from Pegah, visit her website www.pegactive.com

10 tips for getting healthier now (that don't need to wait until january)