Gift guide: for the Girl Who Has Everything

Sometimes (and only sometimes), less is more. When it comes to gifts, I've always loved the little things that come from the heart. After all, the things that take up the most room in our hearts are usually always free. While it's only natural to gravitate towards the biggest gift under the tree, sometimes the smallest box has the largest treasure. We have put together a gift guide for the girl who already has everything.

You shouldn't be afraid to shop small. Especially when it comes to the girl who has everything - chances are they already have snagged the stuff they really want for themselves, so why not get them something that'll leave them smiling long after the holidays. Here are my favorite gifts for the girl who has everything - ranging from something small [with perhaps a larger price tag], something funny, something sentimental and something practical to something special. 

gift guide: for the girl who has everything