Maid of Honor Rap

If you have spent any time with me at know rap and I have a special thang goin' on. Growing up my friends and family used to call me the Lyrical Gangster - if I hear a song once, chances are I'll be able to sing every lyric back to you the second time around.

I had been toiling over how to find the words to do my friendship with Jennifer justice at her wedding, when it finally dawned on me...stick to what you know. Which in my case was a no-brainer. A maid of honor rap just had to happen for the bride and groom. 

Don't worry, I won't be quitting my day job any soon. Hearing this back was low key brutal, but hey...better to be off key and mess up a rhyme or two instead of cry hysterically in front of a crowd because your BFF is the prettiest bride you've ever laid your eyes on.

Here's a video just in case you need some wedding speech inspo and/or just wanna see me spit some beats.

Maid of Honor speech and rap inspired by Fresh Prince of Bel Air for my bestest of friends, Jennifer Kendall Sutton (now Thomas) and Mark Thomas at their wedding in Carmel, California.