3 Wine Festivals You Have to Attend Before the End of the Year

This column is authored by Girl & the Bay Food & Wine Editor, Megan Sokhn of SF Wine Society. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

Whether you are a wine lover, a wine bar owner, or just someone who appreciates great wine food, make sure you check out these 3 wine festivals. What better way to slowly wind down for the year with some great wine and flavorful dishes?


Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival
Los Angeles, Ca; Aug. 25-287, 2017

Already in the sixth year of hosting, the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival brings more than 30 different restaurants and 200 wine yards. Enjoy tasty gourmet dishes and some of the best wines right in the center of Los Angeles with some of the most iconic buildings and attractions right beside you! On top of the ultimate tasting experience, you can expect some of the brightest talents of the entertainment industry to be there as well!

*La Jolla Wine Festival photo courtesy of  E3 Photography.

*La Jolla Wine Festival photo courtesy of E3 Photography.

La Jolla Art & Wine Festival
La Jolla, Ca; Oct. 7-8, 2017

Ready to add some stunning, local artwork to your homes? Why not do it while mixing with fellow wine lovers and bring home some valued wines as well! The La Jolla Art & Wine Festival is a two day event that is one of the most prestigious art & wine festivals in Southern California. It’s free and open to the public, featuring the works of more than 150 artists from the region.


Hawaii Food and Wine Festival
Hawaii;  Oct. 20- Nov. 5. 2016

Time to start planning for that long-desired Hawaiian trip! The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival provides hundreds of amazing dishes prepared by local and leading chefs, and a great wine selection to taste and add to your own collection. It’s bound to be the ultimate vacation complement for wine lovers!

*Thumbnail Image by Photo by Comete El Coco 

3 wine festivals you have to attend before the end of the year