5 Essential Oils That Help You Sleep

essential oils for sleep and anxiety

Getting in enough zzz's has become increasingly important as I've gotten older. Gone are the days of staying out until 2am on a Thursday night and being alert at work at 7:00am (#TBT to 24). 

Besides being unable to properly function and keep your eyes open at your day job, lack of sleep can also have terrible effects on your mood. Happify did a study revealing that skimping out on pillow time can result in pessimism, lack of gratitude and a deep decline in the number of jokes you find funny a day. I don't know about you, but I'm not ok with compromising the number of times I LOL a day. 

Essential oils are easy to incorporate into your nighttime routine to help you get in some extra sleep. 

Not only do these strong plant extracts help you get good rest, but (usually) make your sheets smell heavenly. And, unlike other many other sleep aids, essential oils don’t cause dependencies, even when used regularly.

So, what do these oils do exactly? Well, their powerful scents reduce your stress and relax your body, preparing you for sleep. So, you aren’t ingesting anything. You can rub them on the bottom of your feet or your pulse points...or my personal favorite, mix a few drops with water into a diffuser.

essential oils for sleep and anxiety


1.    Calm Your Nervous System with Lavender

Lavender is the first plant people think about when trying to find a natural sleep remedy. This calming oil has a great reputation for it's natural powers to calm the nervous system and give you the peace needed in order to have a fantastic night sleep.

2.    Fight Anxiety with Roman Chamomile

Anxiety can be awfully crippling. While sport, meditation and many other things can help you fight anxiety....chamomile can also help take the edge off. The soothing white flower can counteract the anxious feelings we get from fatigue and stress in a gentle manner. The plant is anti-inflammatory and very healing, so don’t forget to add it to your natural oils arsenal.

3.    Orange Essential Oil as an Anti-Depressant

Citrus scents are often used to combat a lack of energy, but orange is actually calming and a very effective anti-depressant. This is an especially great oil to turn to if you don't like the spa-like, incense smell of most essential oils. Orange is a great gateway essential for beginners. 

4.    Kick Insomnia to the Curb with Valerian Root

Ever wonder where Valium got it's name? The perennial flowering plant, Valerian Root, is often referred to as "Homeopathic Xanax." I first was introduced to Valerian Root when I went to Whole Foods searching for a natural sleep-aid while I was struggling with severe anxiety. While the oil is awesome to use topically, the natural supplements are an incredible way to relax your way to a good night's sleep.

5.    Stop Being a Spazz with Vetiver

Vetiver is an exotic plant that has incredible benefits for people who have sleeping issues. It's antispasmodic effect makes your nerves totally relax, giving you the chance to fall asleep and keep your eyes shut until the next day.

essential oils for sleep and anxiety
5 essential oils that help you sleep