How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy All Year Long

There is nothing I hate more than brassy, dull hair. My incredible, boss babe of a stylist knows what I like, what I hate and exactly how to achieve the color of my dreams every single time I pay her a visit. One of my favorite things about Jamie Garland is her ambition. She aspires to be the best at everything she sets her mind to. Her salon, B Society, is located in the heart of Downtown Los Gatos. Every time I leave B Society, I am inspired by the incredible talent Jamie attracts to her salon. Each stylist and assistant is not just hustling to be the best in the game, but they remain intellectually curious, up on the latest trends and ready to celebrate the success of not just their clients, but their peers.  

I enlisted the help of Jamie Garland and the B Society Team to share their tips for keeping your color treated, blonde locks bright all year long.

Jamie Garland , Owner/Founder  B Society

Jamie Garland, Owner/Founder
B Society


At B Society, our Vibe attracts our Tribe. For us this means having every #bsobabe walk out of our salon with effortless, healthy and beautiful hair.

As we fall into Fall, Warmth IS the new black.

Listen up brunettes this one is for you too. Most blondes and brunettes hear warmth and they run the other way. However, we’re here to tell you warm tones aren't a bad thing! Warm tones enhance your skins golden tones, and who doesn't love to feel like a bronzed goddess?!


How Unite Hair helps us keep our blondes bright and healthy all year round

  1. Use WEEKENDER™ Shampoo to clarify and bump out all the build up, on your beautiful blonde hair, that is dulling it out.
  2. Follow with BLONDA™ Shampoo to brighten and lightly tone your blonde. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, depending on how brassy your hair has gotten. 
  3. Next, apply 7SECONDS™ Masque to condition your freshly toned hair. The clarifying and toning shampoos can tend to get your hair drier than it should be and this masque helps add all of the moisture you need back into your luscious locks. 
  4. Spray 7SECONDS™ Detangler before you brush to detangle and smooth your hair. This miracle worker adds moisture and protects your hair from heat.
  5. Follow with U Argan Oil to protect and hydrate your hair.  We love to use this on wet hair before a blow dry to control frizz, and act as a heat protectant. You can use this on dry hair, as well. A little goes a long way! Want to know our little secret for getting your gorgeous locks an extra dose of moisture? Add 5-10 pumps to dry hair at night and sleep with U Argan Oil as a deep conditioning treatment to combat dry ends before washing it out in the morning.
  6. Last but not least, we use @raindrops901 to keep our hair and skin safe from the free radicals in our water. Believe it or not, when your blonde isn’t bright after a couple weeks post-salon visit...this has nothing to do with your color, but everything to do with your water at home!
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how to keep your blonde hair bright and healthy all year long