How to See How Clothes Fit On Different Body Types While Online Shopping At ASOS


If you've been keeping up with @girlandthebay for a minute or two, you know I'm a sucker for ASOS. The fast fashion empire is my go-to when I need something in a pinch (that 2 day shipping members perk is seriously a God send). Online shopping hasn't just changed the way we shop, but how we spend our time + money (ain't nobody got time for shopping mall parking lots, amirite?!). 

Part of the problem with online shopping is that even if that swimsuit seems just right for spring break, it can be hard to tell how it will look on your (my) DDs. The same internet-buying problem holds true for any article of clothing. Beyond reading user reviews (God bless all those shoppers who even share their height, weight, measurements and upload images), there’s not much you can do to ensure your order will actually fit. But to help you out with interpreting product images, ASOS is trying on a new, techy approach for size.

ASOS has long been known for its size inclusive ways (petite, curve, tall, and maternity) and has begun featuring products on multiple models of different sizes. Keeping up with their disruptive and highly social business model, InStyle reported that this feature was first spotted by a Twitter user and shortly after confirmed by ASOS on its account. A statement shared with by the brand explained, “We’re experimenting with [augmented reality] to show products on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape.”

This progressive (and super innovative) move comes amid a changing fashion landscape that aims to reshape the industry in light of the better-late-than-never realization that bodies come in many sizes, forms and colors (many of which include stretch marks, cellulite, and birthmarks). On ASOS’ site, only four dresses currently feature the new AR photos, but the brand noted you can expect to see it continue to reach more products.

Between this and its new savvy app, ASOS is commanding what the future of shopping might (and, frankly, should) look like.

how to see how clothes fit on different body types while online shopping at asos