The 7 Best Plants to Spruce Up Your Bathroom


Think your bathroom is a lost cause when it comes to green-ing up your space? Think again! It’s often overlooked as a plant haven, but your bathroom is actually the ideal environment for a number of indoor houseplant species — hello, humidity! Not only do plants in your bathroom warm up the space and make it more inviting, they also clean the air and provide a number of healthy benefits. But not all plants are candidates for this space, as you might know from trying to put that cute cactus on your vanity that one time (RIP). But plants that thrive in low light, high humidity, and small spaces are your best bets.

Here are 7 of my favorite bathroom-friendly plant friends


The Best Plants To Keep In Your Bathroom:

1. ZZ Plant — Truly a black-thumb hero, the zz plant is one of the hardiest house plants and have gained a reputation for being nearly impossible to kill. They don’t mind super-low light (some can even live in a windowless room with the right artificial lighting!), which makes them the ideal choice if your bathroom lacks a lot of natural light. They also don’t seem to mind the high humidity, so they’re as easy going as it gets.

2. Air Plant — The kiss of death for any air plant is lack of water. Therefore, the bathroom is a great place to keep them, as they can soak up all the humidity from your shower on a daily basis (although they still need a real spritz once a week). They’re also super-flexible as decor since they don’t need a pot, and can just hang out on your vanity and look cute.

3. Dracaena — Looking for a statement piece? The Dracaena is a subtropical species of tree that can handle a bit of neglect and doesn’t mind low light. It prefers getting its water through misting (i.e. your shower) and is a great air purifier!

4. Peperomia — These cuties are delightfully easy to grow and stay relatively small — perfect for a small-space bathroom. Put them up in a corner near a window and they’ll be happy!

5. Peace Lily — This highly adaptable houseplant is a fan favorite for its stunning white flowers and broad dark green leaves. This shade-loving plant will be happy to hang out in any corner of your bathroom. Keep it away from your furry friends, however, as this one’s poisonous to dogs and cats!

6. Snake Plant — Like the zz plant, snake plants are really hard to kill. They’re easy going and don’t seem to care where you place them as long as they get watered occasionally. If you’re looking for the easiest thing to take care of, you can’t get much better than a snake plant.

7. Ferns — All the ferns! Ferns do their very best in bathroom because of their native climate being super humid and low-light forest floors. In fact, many ferns will die if they aren’t in your bathroom.

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