7 Online Shops Where You Can Buy The House Plants Of Your Dreams

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I’m absolutely stir crazy for house plants. And no, it's not just because I'm totally obsessed with @boyswithplants. Who wouldn’t want to make the inside of their home feel like an enchanted forest? Adding a touch of nature is one of the easiest ways to make a home come to life, and providing you don’t let roots take up residence in your foundations, it’s a win win situation all round. Plus who can deny the color green? There’s a reason they use it in waiting rooms - it’s soothing as hell. Here are 7 online shops where you can buy the houseplants of your dreams!

You don’t have to go full rainforest to get the look you’re after—simple shrubbery dotted here and there will do the trick just fine. Click ahead for seven stylish emporiums that will deliver the trendiest greenery to your doorstep. All you have to do is give them enough water and TLC so they don’t die.


Coming to the States from across the pond, this London-based plantery has much to feast your eyes on, especially their collection of chic perennials — ranging from  asparagus ferns to rare "Swiss cheese plants" (don’t worry they won’t stink your house out). The brand is stocked at Trouva, an online boutique that ships to the U.S. for $16.76.

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The Sill

This place is as trendy as it gets, but that doesn’t mean you need a sailor tattoo or shiny sockless loafers to shop here. The startup's highly Instagrammable  brick-and-mortar store on the Lower East Side offers a photogenic curation of succulents, ferns and aloe vera, and the website is equally packed with leafy goodness. Another major feature we keep coming back for? The site has a wide selection of cute planters in a variety of colors (oh and by planters we mean pots, not people who plant).

The Plant Shed

Live around NYC? This flower delivery service needs to be top of your list if you’re hunting for some Grade-A shrubbery. The florist delivers a diverse range of flora and foliage species, from calla lilies to indoor palms. Wanna get that personal touch? Customized bouquets and flower baskets are also available for order. Manhattan-based orders over $100 are delivered free of charge.

Anthropologie's gardening-focused sister brand is our top spot for getting hold of outdoor tools and artificial house plants. If you’ve got a phobia of realistic plastic however, the retailer also sells the real organic stuff, from flowering bulbs to air plants.

White Flower Farms

Too lazy/busy to head to a nursery to pick out your favorite shrubs? Make that nursery come to you. This family-run flower farm is based out of Connecticut and ships to the continental U.S. With over 65 years in business, these dudes know their roses from their dahlias, and are the go to place to source more delicate plant species. For promotional purposes, a rotating selection  of plants even come with free shipping, meaning you’ve very little excuse not to deck out your home in lush greenery.

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Tropical Fresh Plants

Wanna bring some Hawaiian flavour to your living room? You need some exotic greenery in your life. At the Tropical Fresh Plants Etsy store, there will no doubt be something to your liking. The plant shop specializes in rare-to-find varieties, from braided snake plants to French staghorn ferns (yeah we’ve never heard of them either, but they sound super cool). If you're after something more subtle, the store also carries a line up of thimble cacti and jellybean succulents. Adding the word jellybean to anything is enough to make us snap it up instantly.

Cactus Limon

You may not know this, but Etsy is home to an impressive assortment of plant sellers, of all shapes and sizes. One such store is Cactus Limon, a 15-year-old business operated by a husband-and-wife duo, and has close to a staggering 300 types of succulents and cacti to prick yourself on, as well as some gorgeous, handmade succulent wreaths.

7 Online Shops Where You Can Buy The House Plants Of Your Dreams