9 Things You Can Do To Have A Super Productive Week

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Sometimes everything seems to be right on track—you’ve got 5 days of super healthy prepped meals labeled and ready to go in the fridge, crossing every single to-do off your list, GSD at work and feeling energized to tackle the week ahead. But then there are those days when you’re counting down the seconds until 5pm, having McDonalds fries for dinner, hitting snooze all too often and going hard on the morning cold brews.

There’s got to be a way to fool-proof your M-F and make sure it’s productive AF. So, I’ve put together a list of 9 things you can do to help you have a super productive week.



I talk quite a lot about mantras and how important it is to find some that work for you. Whether you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, or you need a go-to phrase to repeat when the going gets a little nuts at work , find a mantra that you connect with, and repeat it to yourself when you need to throughout the week. I like to write my weekly mantra on a post-it and stick it on the inside of my medicine cabinet, so I see it every single morning when I go to brush my teeth. 


This might feel like a little thing, but it can actually have a big impact according to the book Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the WorldCompleting this small task first thing in the morning will make you feel accomplished and can set the tone for the rest of your day and week. One of my favorite things is clean bedding, so fresh sheets a few times a week can help add a little extra pep in your step too!  


Meal prepping may not be your thing, but getting some veggies to have on-hand will help keep your body nourished and curb the need to reach for junky snacks that won’t make you feel too good. I love to have some baby carrots, celery, jicama and cucumbers readily available. My favorite thing is to marinate cucumbers in sea salt and lime juice, stick ‘em in the fridge and grab for them whenever I'‘ve got the munchies. Veggies are anti-inflammatory, so you’ll feel better than you would if you’re chomping on processed foods.


Setting your goals in advance will get you on track for a productive week ahead. Take some time at the beginning of the week to think about what you’d like to get done in the next few days, a list of must-dos you’ve been putting off (i.e. that doctor appointment you’ve been putting off, getting your oil changed—basically all the things that your mom would hold over your head) and lastly something you want to do, but haven’t gotten around to (cracking open that self-help book, making a vision board, taking piano classes, etc). I like to also throw in a few health goals—meditate a minute longer each day, walking 5K more steps this week—that I’d like to aspire to this week. I love short-term goals because you’re giving yourself 7 days to do them…once you make it to the end of the week, you’ll feel SO good about what you’ve accomplished.


We use our calendar to stay up-to-speed on meetings and appointments, but so many of us fail to schedule our workouts. Blocking off time in muy calendar for exercise has been a total game changer. It’s also important for me to feel like I’m making my health a priority. Exercise helps me keep my mental health in check and all-around make me a more confident + pleasant person. It’s just as important that I take that important conference call, as it is to fuel my body with exercise that does my soul good. Take a look at the week ahead and book that spin or pilates classes in advance, instead of putting it off until the morning of. If you work out on your own, you can still put it in your calendar and honor it like you would any other meeting or appointment. Putting it in your calendar keeps you accountable and takes you one step closer to having a productive week.


Because sometimes we just need to totally recharge, and what better way is there to recharge in 2019 than self-care? Spend some time caring for yourself, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s taking a long bath, putting on a face mask, taking a walk in the park (literally), getting a massage, getting your nails did or just spending some time doing something that gives you energy instead of draining it. Listen to music you adore, whip up a dish you love or Facetime a loved one—do what brings you joy.


Ok, admittedly….I absolutely SUCK at this. This is something I personally need lots of work on. A digital detox is crucial for your physical health (heavy doses of screen time can affect sleeping patterns, weight, and overall health), but also very important for your mental health. We’re constantly glued to our phones, giving so many people the ability to reach us at any given time…which can honestly be stressful AF. Dedicating time (no matter how small) to put down those screens (because most of us are looking at multiple ones at a will lead to greater productivity and happiness over time.


Ugh, another one I am terrible at…but desperately trying to improve. Financial self-care is a form of self-care and all of us should take the time to check in on our financial health. After a major identity theft situation a few years ago (that’s a story for another day), I’ve made it a point to go through my banking statements every Sunday night to make sure I recognize all the purchases. You can also use an app like Digit to track what you’re spending money on. I’ve taken things a step further recently by using Credit Karma to track my credit score. I hate this with all my heart and usually have played by the ignorance is bliss school of thought, but it only lead to more general anxiety. Gaining a good understanding of where your money is going will help you make smarter decisions throughout the week. Maybe lay off eating out every single night this week and put some homemade meals together or choose to walk someplace instead of catching an Uber.


Now for the fun part! Put something on the calendar you’re excited for. You can’t spend all week grinding, hustling and checking things off your to-do list. Well, you could…but that’d be no fun. Whether it’s watching your favorite trash reality television series on a Sunday night or happy hour on Friday—it’s important to make plans that you can look forward to. or after-work-drinks on Thursday, make plans with people you love that you’ll be looking forward to all week long. Doing this will help you stop dreading the start of a new week, but give you something to look forward to.

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