Alessia Cara Went Makeup-Free & Empowered Us All

Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Alessia Cara is a woman of her word and she proved that yet again with her powerful performance at the 2017 Video Music Awards. The girl sure does practice what she preaches year after year (she went to the VMAs sans-makeup last year too, alongside Alicia Keys).  

Alessia dared to go bare on the red carpet, but also made a dramatic visual performance while performing her anthem of confidence and self-love, "Scars to Your Beautiful" on stage. Alessia sang her heart out in a sleek black wig (she's been very candid about her issues with hair loss) and bright red lips to match her glamorous red gown. Dancers removed every bit of her red-carpet ready ensemble throughout the performance, revealing her naturally curly locks and fresh faced beauty.

Society is constantly trying to push a definition of "beauty" on not only women, but men too. I absolutely love and commend Alessia for using her influence to not just spread a message of self-love, but to walk the walk as well. I can't imagine it being easy baring it all, sans makeup, on an MTV red carpet known for it's bold and over-the-top looks. She showed us all tonight that beauty has nothing to do with what designer you're wearing or how long you spent on your hair and makeup, but everything to do with loving the skin you're in.

"You can be natural. You can have a full face of makeup. You can be skinny or fat or short or tall. There is no definition for beautiful. There is no right or wrong way. Just be yourself."
- Alessia Cara

I couldn't agree more, Alessia. Get it, girl! 

Created by  @wildescript  exclusively for Girl & The Bay

Created by @wildescript exclusively for Girl & The Bay

alessia cara went makeup-free and empowered us all