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Girly in Gingham

BRB going to a clam bake in Nantucket. JK I’ve never been to a clam bake or Nantucket, but gingham has me feelin’ all the summer vibes.

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Every Single Thing You Need to Buy From Target's Who What Wear Collection

Whether you wear your Target addiction like a badge of honor or keep it quiet - you know what it feels like to go to Target looking for dish soap and coming out with an entire new wardrobe. The Summer 2018 Who What Wear Collection is one of the best yet.

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The Glossier Products That Totally Live Up To The Hype

Glossier is more than just a pretty package (dripping in millennial pink). Yes, there’s a lot of hype…but it’s actually pretty warranted. Check out the products I bought and LOVED.

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