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15 Quotes By Women of Color That You Need to Read On Black Women’s Equal PayDay

This year in the U.S., black women had to work until Aug. 22 to make as much money as white men did in 2018. Black women also had to work over four months longer into 2019 than the average American woman, whose Equal Pay Day was April 2. I've compiled 15 quotes from women of color that inspire me and celebrate what they do for society, how hard they fight and just overall, what incredible badasses they are not just on #BlackWomensEqualPay Day, but every single day.

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Podcast: How To Go From 9 to Thrive

Mandy had the incredible honor of being a guest on the personal development podcast Switch, Pivot or Quit. We dig into topics like mental health, finances, and JOMO (joy of missing out!). Plus listen until the end because that’s when Mandy shares how she lost out on money for simply not asking and she shares how she started working with a talent manager. Buckle up because this is a very full and juicy chat!

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