How I Chose The Sofa of My Dreams (Without Trying it Before Buying It)

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If you’ve spent any time perusing Pinterest or Instagram for home décor, you’ve definitely seen the Sven sofa from Article. It’s legit the internet’s most favorite couch. I see it pictured everywhere from celebrity homes to my favorite bloggers and humble abodes. It’s versatile, it’s modern and it comes in many shapes and styles.

When it came to picking the perfect couch for my New York City apartment, these were the boxes that needed to be checked:

  • Comfort - For hours of binge watching hours of Schitt’s Creek, but also for my out-of-town guests. Manhattan apartments aren’t exactly spacious, so I knew I needed a sofa that would be cozy enough for my couch-surfing friends and out-of-town guests.

  • Design - I love mixing modern and vintage pieces, along with pops of color to create a space that shows off my personal style. I usually lean towards mid-century modern, but am always weary of not compromising design for comfort and vice versa.

  • Affordability - Couches can get reeeeeeal pricey. I needed something that wouldn’t break the bank, but that would get the job done. I didn’t want to compromise design and comfort for cost, but needed to keep myself in check when it came to cost.

  • Durability - I love having guests over and entertaining, resulting in lots of wear and tear. The couch needs to be able to handle my social schedule, while keeping up it’s coziness and overall aesthetic.

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The Sven Sofa comes in a tan leather (I debated for weeks on whether or not to get this one because it’s just SO perfect, but ultimately decided against leather because I was worried of being too cold during winter in NYC) to beautiful rich greens and blue velvets.

So, here’s the best part - it’s aesthetically pleasing in every way, but it’s actually comfortable. Like, sleep on it for 8 hours comfortable. My biggest worry was that it wouldn’t be cozy or comfortable, but the Sven is more than just a pretty face. The bench seat is a game changer. It holds up, doesn’t sink in on the sides and makes it perfect for overnight guests. The back cushions are so soft, so fluffy and extremely durable. This sofa is squishy soft, but has enough structure to provide support. The seat is deep - making it perfect for long naps, piling on for a murder mystery binge sesh and cuddling up with up to 4 people comfortably.

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If all those reasons still leave you uncertain, here are some practical reasons why Article has you covered:

EASY PEASY: Article’’s got an incredible collection of furniture that deliver incredible design without compromising comfort or value. Now, I know buying furniture online without trying it out is a little scary, but their return policy is amazing. If you do decide you want to exchange or return something, they’ve made it easy (AND FREE) for you to do so.

SAVE THOSE DOLLAS: I’ve searched high, low and everywhere between. The price point Article offers for the quality was unrivaled and they’ve got the review to prove it with all of their pieces coming in at 4.8 - 5 stars and thousands of reviews. Since Article doesn’t have a showroom and all the costs associated with running one, there’s no mark up or additional sneaky fees.

Here’s a little breakdown on how Article makes it possible to deliver beautifully designed modern furniture, with outstanding attention to detail, at fair prices:


MR. POSTMAN: Delivery of your new furniture is easy peasy with Article. Here’s what they say themselves about what you can expect:

“You’re keen to meet your brand new furniture, and we’re keen to get it to you. In-stock items are typically delivered within two weeks of ordering. No more waiting in shipping-limbo. Need a more accurate estimate? Enter your zip/postal code into the shipping estimator on your piece-of-interest’s product page for a specific delivery window. Leading up to delivery day, our delivery partners will contact you to arrange a window of time that you can expect your order. Upon arrival, our delivery partners will arrange your package in accordance with your selected shipping option.”

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