This Summer, I had the incredible honor of hosting Make the First Move with Bumble. Make the First Move SF was a fun, engaging and empowering pop-up where guests unlocked access to experiential art installations, as well as interactive sessions with entrepreneurs and influencers. Make the First Move SF offered a safe space to foster these connections IRL, just as they can online through Bumble.

Make The First Move resulted in over 1400 Bay Area attendees who interacted with the experiential art installations, sparked conversations, networked and attended workshops on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to mindfulness.

Through this experience, I was able to collaborate with incredible entrepreneurs who aren’t just making waves, but making bold moves in life and business. As I share their stories weekly, I hope these amazing people inspire you as they have me.

It only makes sense to first feature, Claire Xue. Claire is the beauty, brains and experiential designer behind the production of Make the First Move.



Claire is a woman who is making all the right moves. A San Francisco based artist creating lasting memories through immersive installations and connecting people outside of the digital world. She is an experiential marketer, designer, art director, photographer + model all-in-oneGathering an array of artistic influence from Eastern and Western cultures she has developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of beauty. Adaptability is a learned skill that allows her creativity to continue to execute,  regardless of the project or opportunity. A passion for expression paired with an innate ability to forecast trends, Claire is able to design interactive art installations with experiential marketing to create memories that last. Claire is direct with her approach and fluid in her execution.

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How did you approach the design process to Make the First Move?

Before we started everything, I dove into understanding more about Bumble - the company, product, vision and mission. As I became well versed on who they are and what they stand for, I was able to really hone in on the message they want to deliver to their users and audience. Give the theme, “Make the First Move", I was inspired to create an experience that would be symbolic of that action. For instance, we used chess pieces installation in the popup as a symbol for "Make The First Move". We also added giant jumbo, mini office for boss ladies. Bumble poster wall with all inspiring quote like "be the CEO your parents always want you to marry." 

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As an experiential designer, what is your personal goal for the attendees who interact with your art?

My goal is to see people have smiles on their faces, to see they are having fun and interact with the piece I created while they are getting the messages behind it all the installations. 

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How did you start your career in experiential design?

Pursuing experiential design happened accidentally. It started when I put on an event with my best friend, Praise, a few years ago. I discovered how much I love working with my hands and unleashing my creative skills. Since then, I’ve been asked to design immersive experiences for events and I realized how much I love it.

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See photos from the Make the First Move SF Experience


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