Everything You Need to Know About Microfeathering

Angelina Mancinas  | Eyebrow Specialist + Makeup Artist of Neihule Salon in Los Angeles

Angelina Mancinas | Eyebrow Specialist + Makeup Artist of Neihule Salon in Los Angeles

If you haven't had your eyebrows microbladed, chances are you know 7 people who have (or who are licensed to microblade, bc let's be honest...they're everywhere these days). Well, microblade's sister just moved in and she's starting to get noticed. She's modern, minimal and uses hashtags like #nofilter and #nomakeup when posting a selfie on Instagram. Her name? Microfeather.

I've had my brows microbladed over a year ago and it totally changed up my beauty routine for the better. My brows are naturally thick, but like most everyone - the two aren't twins, but sisters. The lack of symmetry combined with hairs that never grew back after I over-plucked them behind my mom's back in the 6th grade (blame the 90's for the decade long thin brow fest that had us all looking like we had pencil thin, arched brows...ugh) made me take the plunge and try out microblading. Super happy with the results (especially since I'm awful with an eyebrow pencil) that allowed me to achieve symmetrical brows that would occasionally receive compliments from strangers, I know I'd get them retouched when the time would come. 

I first learned about microfeathering through Mandy Moore's Instagram stories. She posted her brow journey through a series of visits to Kristie Streicher at STRIIIKE in Beverly Hills.  L.A-based brow expert, Kristie Streicher, basically coined the term and is now considered the mother of microfeathering. What is microfeathering? Well, think Taylor Hill (helllloooo, brow goals), Adele, Sophia Vergara, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid. I've always admired Mandy Moore's effortless, natural look and while I thought her brows always looked fab...I was thoroughly impressed with Mandy's newly feathered brows. The final product were very natural, symmetrical and gorgeous brows that make you do a double take and scream "GOALS." 

So, what's the difference between microblading and microfeathering?  Microblading tends to involve tattooing over your entire brow (and surrounding area) to create fullness, symmetry and overall shape. Those with alopecia or very sparse brows turn to microblading to alleviate the need to draw on their brows (or paint if you're having to use Wunderbrow). Now, if you've already got pretty full brows - microfeathering is an option you might want to consider. Microfeathering takes your already full brows up a notch, by filling in your naturally sparse spots with thin, hairline strokes that leave you with bold, natural-looking brows. 

With microfeathering being relatively new to the brow scene, I searched high and low for someone who had proven experience creating beautiful brows and could get me in for an appointment relatively soon. After much research, I found Angelina Mancinas. Not only did Angelina have glowing reviews online, incredible before and after photos of clients who are all total #browgoals, but she has over 18 years of focused brow artistry experience. She threads, waxes, microblades, microfeathers and anything else that you can think of that your brows need. After chatting with her, I knew she was the girl who would take my overdue brows to the next level with a natural, symmetrical, bold look that would shave off another few minutes of my morning routine and give me even more confidence to go #makeupfree more often than not. 

"I believe brows should always feel light, airy and have a transparent feel to them. Natural brows are multi-dimensional and should never look like one dimensional shaded blocks," says Angelina. "Microblading and mirofeathering are very similar in my world. Both techniques are perfect for sparse, unruly brows, those with bald spots...and of course, those who need the whole shebang from start to finish. I get many cancer patients or those suffering from alopecia who come to me looking to get their confidence back with beautiful, natural-looking brows. It's important for me to give them the gift of confidence back using only the highest quality products and precise hairline strokes. Using vegan and organic inks are key, which allows pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to still come in to get the brows of their dreams." 

Angelina has a different approach than other artists I've researched and/or worked with - she divides up each client's brow journey into three appointments. This allows her to see how your skin is reacting to the ink and strokes throughout the healing process, while giving her the opportunity to give you the most natural-looking, multi-dimensional brows. "I do my process in a build a brow manner. Coming in for three appointments requires more time from the client and from me, but it results in the perfect 3-D effect and gives me the ability to be a total perfectionist," says Macinas. "At the end of the day, you're getting a tattoo on your face. It has to be perfect and that extra time will ensure you get the results you deserve."

Microblading's popularity continues to rise, but that's exactly why you should be very picky when it comes to who you trust with your brows. There have been several reports of novice operators literally scarring clients' skin from cutting too deep into the brow line. It's super important that you vet technicians to ensure they've got the experience needed to maneuver the thin blades along the skin in a delicate fashion to achieve that natural look.

Aa a result, Angelina now specializes in micro correction. A lot of clients have come to her after getting their brows bladed by an amateur who has no experience, leaving them super unhappy with their results. Angelina has perfected a process where she removes and reapplies botched eyebrow jobs.

The main goal of microfeathering is to really emulate natural hair and its growth patterns for a soft, natural and gorgeous brow that looks as effortless as it does symmetrical. Once your microfeathering journey is complete, you really shouldn't be able to tell the difference between real eyebrow hairs and the microfeathered strokes. Angelina also makes sure that the vegan ink used is matched to your eyebrows's true color, not to your hair color (which is a common permanent cosmetic faux pas). Oh, by the way, did I mention that Angelina has done Kelly Ripa's brows? 

Now, you're probably wondering what this whole process feels like and how much pain is involved. If you're already wincing in pain and screaming ouch, chill out - your entire brow area is numbed with a topical cream before anything begins. Angelina used a strong numbing cream that left me feeling absolutely no pain at all. In fact, when she had me look in the mirror I was shocked that we were already done. I was waiting to feel more pain, but she was already done with the entire appointment. 


You can expect to shell out anywhere from $600 - $1,000 for microfeathering, largely dependent on where you live and how experienced your technician is. The process will take anywhere from 60 - 120 minutes each session - most technicians will have you come in for 2 sessions, while Angelina chooses to break up these appointments in 3 sessions. During the two follow-up appointments, your individual healing process is evaluated and additional hair strokes are added to perfect your brow. Once you're done, all you have to worry about for over a year is plucking away those strays.

If you've got non-existent, non-symmetrical or totally sparse brows...it's really a no-brainer. If you have full brows like me, but love the snooze button and are relatively low-maintenance when it comes to makeup (I know what you're thinking. Yes, I actually am low-maintenance...well, at least when it comes to getting ready in a jiffy and wearing very little makeup on the daily), microfeathering is an incredible solution to get the bold, brows of your dreams without spending hours (and lots of dollars at Sephora) in front of a mirror with an eyebrow pencil. 

Everything You Need to Know About Microfeathering