#GlidetoFinish Bridge to Bridge Run with Oral-B

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I love a good shortcut, but have learned that good things don’t come quickly when it comes to your health. Staying consistent with my fitness, balanced diet and the simple things like keeping Oral-B Glide floss in my purse keeps me happy and healthy year round. There are a few things I just can't compromise on and have always been very picky about - my dental hygiene, hair and nails. I have been known to joke that I could have a few dollars left to my name, but be waiting at door of a blow dry bar with bleaching trays in my mouth and the flip flops you have to wear when your nail polish is drying.  


Clean, healthy pearly whites are key to my everyday beauty routine. The more I care for my teeth, the more confidently I can grin and bear it, smile at strangers and laugh unashamedly. 


Thrilled to be partnering with Oral-B for the 42nd Annual Oral-B Glide Floss Bridge to Bridge Run will take place on Aug 26th at 8:00am in San Francisco.  You can also stay behind for food, drinks, and more at the race after-party. I’m training for the 12K and would love some company! Wanna join? Register for the Oral-B Glide Floss Bridge to Bridge Run or enter to win* registration for you and a friend over on my Instagram account.  

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*Contest winner will be announced Wednesday, 8/15 at 5PM PST.