Be The Hostess with the Mostess in 20 Minutes Flat

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Feeling the pressure to be the perfect hostess? We can blame Pinterest for setting the bar high. While it takes a special kinda person to make a tassel garland, there’s no reason why you can’t create an atmosphere that’ll make your guests feel welcome and ready to party.

Whether you need to spin things up in record time or just wanna invite the squad over for an impromptu soiree, I’ve got 5 tips that’ll have your guests wanting to stay awhile.

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Oh man, this is the golden rule if you like having people over. Sure, it requires a bit of daily upkeep but it takes the pressure off when you have unexpected guests drop by or just simply don’t have the time to spare pre-party. If you spend the time daily to keep the living space (yeah, that’s right, what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom) free from clutter or mess, you won’t need to run around like a chicken with your head cut off wiping counters down, washing the pile of dishes or sorting through that massive stack of mail before Sally rings the doorbell. Staying on top of things when it comes to your living space will keep your stress levels to a minimum on party day.



Nothing sets the mood right like some jams. Put together a few playlists (I keep mine organized on Spotify) that you’ll have ready to go when you need ‘em. When it comes to get togethers, I feel it’s always best to keep things relatively even keel because you never know who’ll hate what - I stick to acoustics, folk and classics. You don’t really wanna compete for sound over heavy metal or techno, anyway.



It may be challenging to know the drink preferences of all your guests ahead of time. But a simple solution is to consistently chill at least one bottle of Prosecco. It’s a middle-of-the-road beverage as far as people’s tastes are concerned and it’s not as precious as champagne. So serving up glasses upon arrival is a sweet way to kick off the gathering.


Keeping your fridge packed with all the things you need to curate the perfect charcuterie board costs a fortune and, let’s be honest, it’s got an expiration date that you don’t really have the time to keep tabs on. I love keep a selection of frozen appetizers and desserts from Trader Joe’s in my freezer. Some call it cheating, but have you had one of their chicken soup dumplings lately? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Pretty much every single party ready item they have will go from frozen to out the oven in 20 minutes or less. They’ve got it all and I legit have at least 4 of their flatbreads in my freezer at all times. My favorite trick? Heat up a few flatbreads and pick up greens on your way home to pair them with a salad. Move over, Giada.



Candles are that final, little touch that sets the mood just right. Plus, we can all become a little too used to the smell of our own place, so it’s always best to play it safe and freshen things up. Placing one candle in the living space and another in your bathroom will ensure you’ve got all your bases covered. I love stocking up on seasonal, earthy and clean scents that aren’t too overpowering.