The Guide to the Perfect Mimosa


Get ready to say, “Oh THAT’S what a mimosa is supposed to taste like.”

Because if you’ve ever succumbed to the allure of an all-you-can-drink bottomless mimosa brunch—then you know how truly awful a mimosa can be when not done right.

You (and your guests) deserve better.

Like a great cup of coffee, the mimosa is a simple recipe that can be deceptively difficult to perfect. Don’t you worry—I’ve got you covered with the tips you need to make the perfect mimosa.


1. Start with the sparkling. 

Cava works best for mimosas, as the bubbles last longer than in prosecco. Cava is made like champagne, with the second fermentation taking place in the bottle rather than a large tank. It is almost always dry as well, making it the perfect wine for cocktails. I recommend Bohigas Cava for only $18 per bottle. They are the one of the oldest producers and make the wine in a very classic style. 

2. Squeeze your own juice!

The end result is worth the effort and you don’t need that much. Keep it classic with citrus and don’t be afraid to blend your citrus juice. I love orange + lime together for a tangy and refreshing taste. Chill after juicing and strain if you would like to remove the pulp.

3. Mix it up.

One part juice with three parts sparkling is the magic ratio.

4. Pick the right glassware.

Flutes are great, but I tend to choose a tumbler for mimosas. The wide mouth of the glass allows you to enjoy the aromas and prevents spills!

mimosa recipe.jpeg