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Exercising Just *This Tiny Bit* Can Prevent Depression

Depression is one of the most common—and most stigmatized—illnesses of our time. To help people understand it, cope with it, and heal from it, it’s important that we talk about it regularly. Now, emerging research finds even more evidence that exercise can help ward off depression in some people. Let’s talk about why these findings are so promising…and why you might want to lace up your running shoes today.

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The Quintessential Palm Springs City Guide

Dripping in old Hollywood glamour, retro vibes and sunshine— Palm Springs is one of the best places to visit all year round. Whether you're coming for a birthday weekend, bachelorette, couple rounds of golf, spa weekend, to party at Coachella, explore architecture (see: Modernism Week) or just want to soak up poolside—Palm Springs is a guaranteed incredible time.

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Podcast: How To Go From 9 to Thrive

Mandy had the incredible honor of being a guest on the personal development podcast Switch, Pivot or Quit. We dig into topics like mental health, finances, and JOMO (joy of missing out!). Plus listen until the end because that’s when Mandy shares how she lost out on money for simply not asking and she shares how she started working with a talent manager. Buckle up because this is a very full and juicy chat!

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