i am a digital marketer, brand strategist, tech nerd and pop culture enthusiast who is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to make the world a more connected, smaller and better place.


when i'm not busy disrupting the skincare world at my day job, i find time to fuel my passion for creativity and social commerce through public speaking, social media and advising silicon valley start-ups on how to grow their influence.  i've been lucky enough to have my work featured in publications such as huffington post, GQ magazine, vogue, entrepreneur, fast company and a few others.

most recently, i was able to share my love for social media with the world by helping pen the book Read This If You Want to Become Instagram Famous.

i currently live in san francisco and a self-proclaimed bay area enthusiast. my love for all bay area sports teams (especially the golden state warriors and san francisco giants) runs deep. i am extremely proud of my persian culture and have a special place in my heart for my birthplace, france (see, it's not my fault i can't say no to rosé). 

i can't get enough of laughter, tech, travel, musicals, bleacher report, reality television, glitter, fantasy sports, memes, sequins, gold, reading, gangsta rap, fashion, children, uni and palm springs.